What is Digital Design?

person using laptopDigital design is the application of graphic-design principles to solve a digital graphic communication need e.g. website design and development, e-commerce sales.

Digital design is an ever expanding specialty in the field of graphic design; with designers using their creativity and computer skills to design visuals associated with electronic technology. Digital designers work with both manual and computer tools.

Our digital designers are highly specialised and experienced experts within the field in which they work, i.e. HTML coding for Web pages, e-commerce solutions, mobile app technologies.

In our modern technologically advanced world your website is your chance to give your business a shop window to the world. It will be open 24 hours a day and is a great leveller. This means that even small companies are able to compete with large corporations getting across to the customer its core values, mission statements and aspirations. It also gives your company a platform from which to showcase your skills and talents using a variety of different media from images, blogs, videos and music.

Whether you are a start-up company needing your website designed from scratch, an established company needing help redeveloping their website, branching into e-commerce (online retail) or needing a mobile app designed and developed we have the right people here to help.