One of the best ways to promote your company is with the use of promotional items.

We have decided to now bring some of the production of these items in house and can now offer our bespoke artwork printed onto quality mugs.

What’s different about our service is that first and foremost we are Graphic Designers. Be sure, that it is completely different to printing businesses that offer “free design” or “upload your own artwork” This is often carried out by inexperienced non graphic designers who think that by simply putting your logo on a promotional item it serves the needs of a well thought out promotional campaign. It doesn’t! The image of your business is paramount and poorly designed items can often have the reverse effect of what you are trying to achieve. They can even damage your business image.

Ask yourselves the question….If you felt poorly with Stomach ache, would you go and see a Doctor or choose a Dentist? Both have knowledge of Physiology but only one specialises in what you need to help you.

Its the same principle. If you want quality Graphic Design then look for a Graphic designer, not a printer